graham bentley

Graham Bentley

Chief Investment Officer / Avellemy board member

Graham joined the Group business as its investment committee Chair in 2018, becoming Avellemy Chair in 2020 and its Chief Investment Officer at the start of 2022.

With 45 years’ experience in the asset management industry, Graham has featured in some of the major developments in UK retail investment management. He was part of the M&G team which created the UK’s first UK Corporate Bond fund in 1995, and the first investment risk assessment process for retirees in 1998. At Selestia (now Quilters) he developed the first end-to-end investment process for fund platforms, the first Model Portfolio Service (MPS) for advisers, and the first risk targeted OEIC range.

Graham is expert in Behavioural Finance and the psychology of investing. He has been the economics and stock Markets “guru” at, and is still a frequent contributor to investment press and TV.

An entertaining speaker, he is known for his ability to present complex subjects in an easy manner with a refreshing touch of irreverence.

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