• Our promise and investment philosophy

    Collaboratively working with financial advisers
    to help clients meet their financial goals

What matters most to clients

Clients and financial advisers alike can be confident in our investment principles.

  • We only use proven experts to help us develop, maintain and provide consistency through all of the Avellemy investment solutions.
  • We believe that risk and return are inextricably linked and focus on delivering consistent, attractive risk adjusted returns.
  • The importance of ongoing oversight and governance is imperative.
  • We aim to provide value for money in a competitive and complex market place.

Our philosophy is clear and simple; we believe the purpose of asset management is to fulfil clients' financial aspirations by aiming to maximise returns whilst remaining true to their risk profile.

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What that means for investors

Our emphasis is on long-term investments. 

Avellemy makes all the investment decisions on a client's behalf. The investment portfolios are monitored and managed to remain aligned with the client’s risk profile.

Risk management forms the base of our portfolio construction. The foundation is diversification across a wide range of global assets.

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Value for money

We understand that fees and charges can be a drag on performance.

We aim to deliver our high-quality, professional service at a fair price.

Our investment philosophy aims to source “best of breed” managers and we undertake regular reviews to ensure that our solutions and portfolios continue to offer value for money.

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