Avellemy maintains a Best Execution Policy which documents how Avellemy will provide ‘best execution’ when required by the rules, guidance, principles issued by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Avellemy recognises the importance of achieving the best possible result when carrying out trades for its clients. At all times, Avellemy will do its best to act fairly and reasonably in dealing with its clients.

Avellemy looks to obtain the best possible result for its clients, considering the Avellemy product offering or service involved, the nature of the order, and the type of asset that is being dealt as part of the order. For each of the Avellemy product or service offerings, the requirements can be specific to the product or service offering.  These could depend on but not limited to the contractual setup of the product or service offering, the entities involved in the provision of the offering to the client and the entity responsible for the management and/or execution of the offering.

Avellemy is obliged to consider a range of factors when executing an order on behalf of the client, including but not limited to price, cost, and speed of execution.  When determining of the importance of the execution factors, Avellemy, or its delegate, must also consider order type, characteristics of the underlying investment and the execution venue.

By appointing Avellemy to provide any of its services or investing in any of its funds, a client will be deemed to have accepted the terms of its best execution policy.

The Avellemy compliance team actively monitor compliance of Avellemy’s activities with the Best Execution Policy and produce management information relating to best execution to the Avellemy Investment Committee.  The Investment Committee will review the management information provided with regards to execution quality and adherence to its policy. Avellemy requires that any of its delegates have their own procedures and processes with regards to the provision of best execution including a Best Execution/Order Execution Policy.  Avellemy monitors that all delegates have adequate best execution policies and escalation procedures on an ongoing basis.

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