• Avellemy Private Wealth

    Collaboratively working with financial advisers
    to help clients meet their financial goals

Avellemy Private Wealth (APW) is aimed at clients with specialist or more complex requirements. APW is a discretionary asset management service that involves a more intimate relationship with the investment manager directly, in addition to their financial adviser, therefore allowing more frequent discussion and understanding of their portfolio.

These portfolios include direct holdings in individual shares of familiar companies in several global markets including the UK. Importantly, using this service allows clients potential capital gains tax and cherished assets to be managed more efficiently.

Features of APW include:

  • Online access to view up-to-date valuations and other portfolio information
  • Portfolio look through – in depth detail about a client’s investment portfolio
  • Quarterly valuations
  • Access to fund fact sheets
  • Quarterly investment reviews
  • Notifications of trades within a client portfolio
  • Tax optimisation
  • Fully tailored portfolio that can include collectives, direct equities, alternatives etc
  • The ability to exclude certain companies or industries from your portfolio
  • Access to a named investment manager

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