are designed for clients who, after discussion with their financial adviser, decide they would like a straightforward investment solution that accesses the portfolios of some of the best investment managers available, and combines them into a single, tax-efficient fund.

This might better suit investors who are keen to look “under the bonnet” at all the underlying funds and how each is performing, while getting a clearer sense of the diversification benefits being delivered. MPS might also appeal to investors who have a keener interest in investment matters.

Other features of the Model Portfolio Service include:

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Online access to view up-to-date valuations and other portfolio information

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Quarterly investment reviews

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Access to fund fact sheets

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Quarterly valuations

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What is a Model Portfolio?

A Model Portfolio is a collection of diversified assets (eg UK equities, global equities, bonds, commodities) that is designed to provide an expected return in line with a corresponding level of risk.

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